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Fill in Cause number and court information exactly as it is written on your Petition. In the interest of List children Name Cause No In the District County Court of County Texas TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND ORDER TO APPEAR FOR TEMPORARY ORDERS HEARING Today Petitioner requested temporary restraining orders. The Court finds Respondent will commit the prohibited acts listed below before notice of the hearing on temporary injunction can be served and a hearing can be held unless Respondent...
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Protective order applications these are applications that are filed by a spouse or even a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship type party in an effort to control and stop domestic violence from happening a protective order application is an application that's filed with the court and it lays out the relief that you're asking the court to grant you to protect you from family violence now in order to be eligible for a protective order at the end of the day at the end of this hearing you're going to need to satisfy two elements you need to ultimately convince a judge of two things one that family violence has occurred and two that it's likely to occur in the future so those two elements are very simple but yet must be proven before a judge in order to be granted the application if you're able to convince a judge at a protective order hearing as to those two elements the court will more than likely grant your protective order application and enter an order that will keep the abusing spouse away from the abuse vows so the bottom line is you need to hire an attorney that's in a position and understands these laws these complex laws dealing with domestic violence and dealing with family violence in particular so that you're going to position to put on the best case possible to defend yourself from domestic violence you